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Affordable Options


Options for Every Training Budget

The Hub strives to make workplace training AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE so that employers make regular training part of their culture.

  • Live In-person Training:  Because the Hub already has a giant library of training programs, HERE, the cost of in-person training is typically limited to preparation/customization of the materials and appearance fees billed at $250 per hour.  The average cost of a live, in-person program ranges from $500 – $750, depending on travel time and participant questions.  Live, in-person training is more effective, but it is also more expensive.
  • Customized and Canned Webinars:  Live webinars enable employers to train numerous employees at remote locations quickly and cost-effectively.   For a flat fee of $500, up to 100 employees can attend a live webinar on a relevant variety of workplace topics.
  • Recorded Webinars:  For an additional charge, the Hub can record its webinars and make the recording link available for specific periods of time, typically 60 days.  With the recording link, participants can listen and learn on their OWN schedules, and complete mandatory training without interrupting operations.  The Hub charges an additional $150 per month, billed as a flat fee, to maintain the recording link and to provide periodic attendance reports.
  • ON DEMAND Webinars: The Hub also makes several of its most popular programs available ON DEMAND so that employers can “dial up” training on a moment’s notice.  The cost of ON DEMAND programs ranges from $159 to $189, which enables employers to provide necessary compliance training to employees for less than $200 per year.