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In-person Training

Now with Humor and Music!


Adults learn from each other. For that reason, in-person training provides unique opportunities to engage adult learners. In-person training enables the trainer to

  • answer (and quickly tailor content about) participant questions;
  • highlight participant experiences and suggestions in the learning process;
  • facilitate group discussion;
  • convert skeptics; and as important,
  • share a laugh about the absurd world of people management.

Thus, from adult learning and behavioral change perspective, in-person training just works better.

But the Hub goes further: to ensure that the message sticks, the Hub purposely integrates HUMOR and even MUSIC into its training programs. The Hub’s founder, Merrily Archer, is a thoroughly mediocre guitar player and prolific songwriter about the hazards and humor abounding in the world of management and HR, with gems like

  • “You Can Still Get Fired for That”;
  • “I Won’t Be IN Today”;
  • “Yep, That’s Harassment Indeed;”
  • “Why Hire Humans (When a Robot Will Do)?”and many more!

The Hub also faithfully follows Slideology approach for visual aids and written materials conceived by expert speaker/trainer Nancy Duarte. The Slideology approach maximizes visual impact through images, charts, and graphics. Once immersed in the learning process through visual, auditory, and emotional stimuli, adult learners demonstrate better material retention and overall engagement in the organizational risk management process. Unlike attorneys who simply offer “training as marketing,” the Hub’s in-person programs are designed to ensure that the training WORKS—i.e., opens eyes and changes workplace behaviors that create risk.

Here’s what people have said:

  • Excellent content, so much more than the usual presenter
  • I am an experienced HR professional, and I felt that I learned a lot
  • Great ideas for responding to the EEOC that I immediately shared with my Executive Team
  • Loved her – great presenter and best topic of all
  • You go girl! She is a fun speaker. . .
  • Merrily is always entertaining and informative
  • Very good presenter – very lively/entertaining
  • Another home run with featuring Merrily! She has a way of really making the EEOC process sound like it can be navigated – logically and (hopefully) successfully and she is also very engaging
  • Speaker outstanding! Have her back with her guitar.
  • I really enjoyed today’s presentation. The information presented will be very beneficial in the event we must respond to a charge
  • Great presentation!!
  • Learned a lot in a short period of time
  • I really enjoyed her!! Great material. Excellent and helpful training
  • Merrily is a breath of fresh air
  • Always enjoy her presentations! Excellent, always on point, very easy to understand-love her humor! Always bring her back!
  • Really enhanced my knowledge in ADA accommodations, very useful excellent, engaging speaker with passion for the subject
  • Great topic-need more of this–outstanding
  • Absolutely outstanding presenter, presentation loaded with practical, current advice!