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Customizable Content


The Hub can customize any program in its LIVE or ON DEMAND library to satisfy every employers’ unique training needs.  Indeed, the Hub can add, omit, and reinforce content in its most popular LIVE and web-based programs for MANAGERS:

  • Spot-Engage-Escalate (SEE): How Managers Can Stop Everyday People Problems from Becoming Legal Ones,  which is designed to IMPROVE coordination between line managers, HR professionals, and in-house employment counsel to address workplace conflict before it degenerates into litigation.   This program emphasizes:
    • The workplace litigation climate for employers and managers;
    • Respondeat superior and individual liability;
    • Discrimination 2.0 (overcoming discriminatory assumptions);
    • Sexual harassment;
    • Leave requests;
    • Wage/hour disputes; and,
    • Effective documentation practices.
  • Recognizing Risk in Workplace Relationships (A Better Approach to Workplace Harassment Training), which explains how harassment allegations commonly arise in the workplace, and helps leaders understand and safely navigate the conflict that inheres in the managerial relationship.  This program explores:
    • Common harassment scenarios;
    • Legal and litigation issues surrounding harassment claims; and,
    • Cognitive dissonance about “harassment” and how to overcome it–i.e., “I just said she had a ‘hot rack’; I did not harass her;”
    • The personal and business cost of harassment allegations, even if unfounded or ridiculous.
    • Smart business and management practices to guard against harassment allegations.
  • Rehabilitation Before Termination: Maximizing Accountability While Minimizing Risk, which offers a positive, legally compliant approach (a) to engage employees committing “job abuse” in their own performance rehabilitation or alternatively, (b) to manage these under-performing employees OUT, with ample evidence to support the termination decision.   This program explains:
    • Why TERMINATIONS pose “Code Red” risk;
    • The recent Gallup findings on employee disengagement;
    • Why “performance management” does not work for disengaged employees;
    • How to choreograph an effective rehabilitation process;
    • Why and How to co-opt employees into their own performance rehabilitation; and,
    • How to build, through documentation, a winning “rehabilitation before termination” defense to counter allegations of discriminatory or retaliatory firing.

Every workplace has a unique employee and managerial population, and therefore, different training needs.  Given the Hub’s large arsenal of existing and developing training material, we can quickly and cost-effectively develop programs, all depending on each organization’s most pressing training needs.  Although these programs are directed at MANAGERS, they remain fully accredited by SHRM and HRCI, allowing HR professionals to claim re-certification credits while improving coordination and reducing organization risk.