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Whatever It Takes


Given the importance of workplace training, the Hub does WHATEVER IT TAKES to ensure that compliance and leadership education remain affordable and accessible.  For today’s workplace, “WHATEVER IT TAKES” means providing numerous training delivery options for every budget:

  • Customized Programming:  Over decades, the Hub has amassed a large arsenal of training materials for HR professionals, employment lawyers and managers.   Check it out HERE.  Any of our existing programs can be customized to address or reinforce specific issues in every workplace.  In fact, we recommend customizing our most popular programs with logos and with HR input to make sure employees and managers understand that the compliance message comes from the TOP.  Our most popular programs include:
  • Live In-person Training: The Hub is a leader and innovator in adult workplace education.  The Hub not only tailors its programs according to well-established adult learning principles, the Hub also deliberately weaves in humor and music to ensure that the message sticks.  Further, the Hub bases its risk management programming on salient and current legal issues in the workplace, conscientious research, decades of litigation experience (as an EEOC Trial Attorney and longtime defense litigator), and organizational psychology theories.  The Hub knows WHAT to teach and HOW adults learn.
  • Customized or Monthly Live Webinars:  In most organizations with centralized HR functions and and decentralized operations, it can get too difficult to herd employees to a single location for live, in-person training.  Web-based training solves that problem: the Hub can offer all of its programs as webinars, enabling up to 100 employees to attend a live training program from wherever they have internet connectivity.  This option is extremely cost-effective, and helps organizations expand the reach of its compliance programming without adding to the overall cost.
  • Recorded Webinars:  The Hub enjoys the technological capability to record its webinars and to make the recording link available for streaming.  This option ensures that even the busiest or most reluctant employee/manager has an opportunity to participate: participants can listen to the recorded webinar on their own schedules, typically during a discrete period of time.  At the end of that period, the Hub can provide a report detailing WHO logged into the program, WHEN he or she logged in, and WHETHER the participant was attentive, which builds in more ACCOUNTABILITY into the training process.  And of course, training records are invaluable in litigation.
  • ON DEMAND Webinars:  The Hub makes recorded webinars available for purchase ON DEMAND.  We encourage organizations to use ON DEMAND webinars as part of their monthly compliance programming.  For the cost of one registration, employers can broadcast ON DEMAND webinars through any LCD projector to numerous trainees, which gives employers the biggest BANG for the training dollars.  In our era of limited training budgets, ON DEMAND programming allows employers to incorporate training into their compliance infrastructure at minimal cost.