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Training MATTERS

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Training Matters: Employers are Rewarded When They Do, Damned When They Don’t

Workplace compliance training matters . . . a lot. Training acquaints HR, in-house counsel, and risk managers with the latest workplace laws in an ever-changing legal landscape. Training helps managers understand and commit to an organizational culture of compliance, and can even transform them into leaders. Training educates employees about how to resolve everyday workplace disputes and concerns, thereby reducing litigation. When done right, workplace training delivers measurable and meaningful results that boost bottom-lines, across industries.

But beyond the benefits, failure to offer regular training carries serious, expensive consequences. Because governmental agencies and plaintiff attorneys treat training as a panacea, the frequency and quality of workplace training naturally become hot issues in any regulatory investigation or court litigation. In fact, the EEOC regards failure to provide training as evidence of “reckless disregard for employees’ federally protected rights,” the legal standard for imposing punitive damages on employers. Regular training helps insulate employers from punitive damages, and when called upon in court, establish their commitment to workplace legal compliance.